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Looking for an electric bike to ride on roads and mountains, sand and snow, uphill and downhill? You will learn what real customers have to say about Velowave ebikes in this meta-review. It will give you a direct and unfiltered look at what they think. You will also find our Velowave coupon code to save 10% on all electric bikes and accessories.

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Reviews for Ranger 750w Fat Tire eBike

These reviews were written by customers who described their direct experience with this product.

Absolutely Fantastic, the most fun I've had on a bike in 46 years
It only took a minutes to assemble, everything went together easily. The bike worked perfect and was easy to use. I have ridden 50 miles already on the first charge alternating between pedaling and electric mode. This bike fly's! It is smooth and fast! I have ridden on smooth surfaces and reached 31 mph and I way 210lbs. I also rode through rough trails and even jumped a few hills just for the thrill of it. I felt like a 10 year old riding again. This bike is a blast. Excellent work on the build and very comfortable. Who knows what the future holds but the first day was 50 miles and and absolute thrill!! Very much recommend this bike to anyone who wants a little blast of fun in your life!
Eric B. Clay
Eric pic for Velowave Mountain Electric Bike
Fun ebike, excellent value
I had done a considerable amount of research into my first fat tire ebike. After deciding on the features that I'd like to have, the Velowave Ranger 750W had almost everything that I wanted and at an incredibly low price compared to other brands. I was a bit hesitant because it was so hard to believe.
The bike came very well packaged and protected from the elements. It was heavy, but I expected this from other reviewers. Assembly is easy with minimal adjustments.
My first ride confirmed that this was the right choice. Shifting was accurate and smooth - I didn't have to make any changes to the derailleur. The seat was a bit stiff, but I'll have to ride the bike for a bit before making a final decision on whether to change it or not. The electronics worked perfectly. My only complaint about the battery is that the orientation of the charging port and the plug is not intuitive - you have to align them carefully or it won't engage.
Nevertheless all in all, it is a great bike for the value. I highly recommend it.
Kenneth Ong
Awesome bike
I like this bike so much .. I bought a second one for my wife.. for the money..these bikes are very well made Just added new seats, seat post shocks, grips and some storage..!! Excellent range and power!!
Carlos Salazar
Carlos pic for Velowave 750w Fat Tire eBike
Easy to assemble
I did a lot of research and found this great bike. Upon arrival, I opened the box and I was impressed. Very well packaged. No scratches and fast shipping. It took me about 30 minutes to assemble it and I was ready to ride it.
It rode smoothly on the beach strand. I got many compliments and thumbs up. The pedal assist was great. I took it to 25mph and it was great. The bike shifted effortlessly and throttle was smooth. It's powerful! I will be wearing a helmet when taking to other terrains at higher speeds.
Beautiful and affordable e-bike
I love this bike! Ive ridden about 60 miles total on it so far and its a lot of fun.
Im over 275 lbs and ive ridden the bike over 15 miles in a single session without using all battery. It has lots of power and can easily go over 25 mph. Terrain has been a mix of street, casual mountain trails and hard packed sand at the beach (check out the video).
Ive added a gel cover for the seat, a rechargeable tail light that attached to the seat post, and a removable aluminum and fabric basket that (although it doesnt look as cool) is very convenient for carrying a U-lock, jacket etc.
Out of the box the bike did have an issue with the derailleur where it was either bent during shipping or upper stop was not set properly. This caused the derailleur to tangle in the spokes and shear off, but Velowave stood behind the product and took care of it. Great customer service.
All in all I think this bike is the best value in its price range with hydraulic brakes, Shimano components, Samsung battery that nests in the frame, and Bifang hub motor. So far very satisfied with the purchase. Thanks!
Velowave Brautiful eBike
We absolutely Love our bikes! So much that we bought 4 all together. Omg it's so much fun! And I get the exercise I want with the reassurance that I have the assistance whenever I need it. It is the best thing on two wheels. It's even more fun than my HD motorcycle.
Lynn Clark
Assembly was a no brainer, good price for a 750W, upgraded handlebars for maximum control, added a dropper post for a downhill rides and upgraded crankset to 38t for climbing.
J. Christy
Great e bike!
I love this bike! The large tires are great for all types of surfaces. I’ve gotten the bike up to 23 mph in the right conditions. Great bike for a great price
Brandon Austin
Beyond my expectations, Big Time
Let me tell ya I did my research before I dropped the $$$ Velowave 750W was a no Brainer after many hours of due diligent I chose this Bike, the build out of the box was very simple, the packing was insane, perfect condition. I was wanting to get out more ..this is without a doubt the answer I was looking for. Don't hesitate.
Over 100 miles now and can't get enough.
Great for Hunting
Really enjoying this e-bike. I had originally planned to purchase a Quiet Kat for hunting but they were sold out so I decided to give this bike a try. I'm very glad I did because this bike is much more affordable but it doesn't seem to sacrifice quality. So far it has functioned flawlessly and I have been impressed with the power. The seller has also been very quick to respond to any questions I've had.
The area I hunt is about a mile off the road along rugged paths. This bike is perfect for that. I'm also very excited about the prospect of using it during Turkey season to cover more ground quickly!
Robert W Rudloff Jr.
WOW! So Fun. bought 2, for my wife in Silver & for me in black. Don't buy any other bike & pay more
Easy to assemble, well packed, and the battery goes on and on. I am 250 pounds and it takes me up hills really well. The Fat Tires makes the ride so smooth and the front shocks are really good to. The Heavy Duty construction is clear all the way down to the cable system and breaks. Everything is so sleek. The Quality is Excellent. The Bike is heavy, so your getting your monies worth on this one. So other E-bikes from $4k to $9K. What a joke. Don't waste your money, I can buy 4 of these bikes for the price of those. Now my wife and I take are bikes out instead of the car.
Great bike!
This bike is awesome! Very easy to assemble. It goes a long way on a charge. The shocks work very well. Very happy w this bike! Highly recommend!
Exceeded My Expectations
I did a lot of research on finding an electric fat tire mountain bike and selected Velowave's Ranger FMTB3. After living with it for a few weeks it not only validated my decision but exceeded my expectations. This bike has all the high end features and is extremely well built, all for a very competitive price. It is also great looking. I highly recommend it.
Michael Delmonico
This is just an awesome bike! I have back injuries that really flare up walking, riding, etc. This bike makes me mobile again and want to get out there. The speed and ability to climb hills here in Georgia is great. For the price, you cannot beat the value.
Jennifer Strommen
Great buy
We love our new ebikes. Took them for about 30 miles in steep mountain roads they were fun and easy to use. Will be buying some for our kids for Christmas
Great value and quality for the money, my new hunting buddy.
Kerry Nelsen
I’m WAY Impressed!!!
I’m very pleased. I have a heart condition which makes me get out of breath very easy and limits my ability to exercise. On this bike I forget about my limitations with the pedal assist (which is awesome) 3rd one I have experience with. I was skeptical at first for getting a brand I’ve never heard of, and of the FAT tires. I’m 6’ 243lbs and this bike suits me great. Good quality parts and very well made. I was very happy to see they Take great care of the bike during shipping and very Good packing materials used to make sure the bike doesn’t get damaged. I was also pleased to see that it was delivered way ahead of time I must say that I highly recommend this bike and wish I’d had something like this years ago. A must have!
Jennifer & Mike
Everything was great. Thanks
Best bike
Best Electric Bike

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Velowave eBike Coupon & Reviews UP TO $300 OFF
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Removable Lithium Battery
750W Powerful Motor
Convenient Control
All terrains fat tire
High-luminance Headlight
Durable Aluminium
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Velowave eBikes Coupon

Velowave eBike Coupon & Reviews UP TO $300 OFF
Velowave Coupon
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