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You will learn what real customers have to say about the SweetNight Twilight mattress in this meta-review. It will give you a direct and unfiltered look at what they think. You will also find a SweetNight Twilight mattress coupon code to save on your order if you decide to buy.

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Sweetnight Twilight Mattress Consumer Reviews

These reviews were written by individuals who described their direct experience with this product.

Perfectly Firm and Supportive
This mattress just feels right! I love the stability of it and it's perfect support and firmness for my bad back. I'm very impressed with the quality of this mattress and how it cushions your body. You can't even feel the movement of your partner beside you with this mattress. Also got the mattress protector to maintain the life and longevity of my mattress because I look forward to using it for years to come!
I was called the princess and the pea
Back/body pains minimized significantly! When it was time to find a new mattress I tried purchasing those expensive mattresses that spam advertisements on your social media.. I purchased a Layla Hybrid first (it has a soft side and a hard side).. i was hoping it would take away my body pains and since this mattress had two sides I was hoping I'd have 2 mattresses in 1 to help me decide which firmness works for me. I ended up getting shoulder, lower back and hip pains! Everyday, and amped up! After my trial period, I returned the Layla and purchased an OkiOki.. practically had the same issue but less body pains. I decided to not opt for these advertised mattresses which costs an arm and a leg. I searched Walmart's mattresses and only checked out mattresses with 4.7 stars or higher. Sweet Night came up a lot.. after extensive research on their different mattresses and which matched with "side sleeper".. I decided to purchase the Twilight (keeping in mind that hybrid may give me better support than an all foam)... I've loved this mattress since I've gotten it and it has taken away all those body pains those other mattresses had given me. Very happy with my purchase even though I've never heard of this brand. No side sag, good disbursement of coils within mattress to allow side sleeping, I sleep with a partner and motion transfer may still be felt (although the choice in bed sheets may be a contributing factor, as well). Hope this review helps
April, L.A. California
Will Exceed Expectations
My Husband was skeptical about buying a bed in a box, but this did not disappoint. It’s by far the best mattress I’ve ever had! No more back pain!
Jessie Lindsey, Indianapolis IN
Very Best Mattress
Very comfortable bed! I fall asleep without trying! I’m impressed by this box mattress!!!!
John, Louisiana
We love it and sleep well
We love this mattress. It feels luxurious because it’s nice and thick, but our sheets still fit nicely.
Jamee, Pittsburgh, PA
Comfort and quality
Absolutely love the feeling of how comfortable and cool my mattress is. Feels like I'm sleeping on clouds.
Just perfect
I wanted to buy a mattress that I could try, so I went to Ikea several times and tried but all the ones I wanted were out of stock, so I took the Chance to buy sweet nights online, at first I was scared, but then you realize that it is very easy to choose the perfect mattress. I love my new mattress, extremely comfortable, soft to the touch, medium firm, it's like sleeping in the clouds .
Cala, Massachusetts
Totally worth it! Have never slept better!
I love my new bed!!! 9.8/10.
I've been sleeping on an airbed bought from Walmart for the past 3 months and started experiencing horrible back and neck pain. I knew then that I needed a bed/mattress right away. After doing alot of researching online and with different brands plus for the manageble price itself, I decided on the Full Size Pillow Top Twighlight mattress and have never slept better in my life. First night on it was amazing. It's so soft due to the pillow top but also medium firm. The Mattress was a bit warm to lay on when I first slept on it, but now after many nights have passed, I am shivering cold due to the weather changes instead HAHA! There was no smell too which is perfect
I am 5 feet 0 Inches at a weight of 110 to 114 and with the mattress being a full size, I have more than enough room to sleep on my back, my stomach, and both of my sides. All i need now is a soft and warm comforter set to match my bed frame.
I highly recommend this brand to all friends and family and I plan to buy another mattress- Twighlight Queen/King size for my little sister and her new husband as a wedding present.
So far after a month it is great. Very comfortable and supportive. I do have less pain upon waking up.
Jenn, Knoxville
A Twilight of a Good Night
I like a medium firm bed but with a pillow top comfort and this fit my needs. This mattress is also a hybrid which I wanted to try. And I'm pleased with my purchase. For the price this bed is a gem. It was well worth purchasing. I was also surprised how quickly the bed ws delivered. Note that it takes two people to bring in the box.
Riff, Southshore Bay FL
Reach for the clouds !!
Go higher into the clouds. We first ordered a 10 ''but it never plumped up past 9
After the trail time we found it was still a bit hard for us. We then ordered the 12" and it's pretty dang dreamy. It truly is not too soft and not to hard but just right. And cradles you lower back so nicely. Those few inches do make a difference.
Great mattress, Great price
Great mattress at a great price. We liked the first mattress we ordered so much, we ordered a second one for our vacation home.
Elizabeth T.
Great bed at greater price!
Great quality and comfortable bed at a great price.
We purchased our new bed about 2 months ago. Shipping was quick and on time. Opening and setup was quick and easy. I am a stomach and back sleeper and my wife is a side sleeper and we both love this bed. We would definitely recommend anyone to purchase this bed as it has been one of our best purchases. Thank you sweetnight for the amazing product.
Great Bed
The pillow top is nice and plush feeling when you lay on it. Yet the springs still provide nice stability and firmness too. Happy with the purchase and loving it so far (1 month in).
Holly, York, PA
Just what I needed in a mattress
Was very firm when I first bought. However, it was just what I needed in a mattress. It helps my back pain and allows me to sleep like a baby all through the night!
Alexis A., Detroit MI
Firm Hybrid Mattress. Love our new bed!!!
I purchased the Twilight pillow top hybrid king size 10 inch, and we've been sleeping on it for about a month. I'm finally getting used to it. It is a firm mattress and when I say firm , it is. There isn't a lot of springy-ness to this either. You will not sink down into this one. Unless you are a 1 ton truck. Once we got the box in the house we opened and let it sit in the bedroom until that evening. This box was huge. Not big around but long. And they say a mattress will double in weight in 7 years due to dust mites. If this mattress does that we will need a plan B to get it out of the house. There was no bad smell, and it fluffed all the way up to 10 in. We have not had any problems with the mattress so far. I am a bit on the heavier side and I don't tend to roll around. I sleep in the same position all night due to an injury. So I can say without a doubt as of now there is no dip. I can not hear, feel or see the springs. The edge of the mattress is just as firm as the middle. I can sit with ease on the edge without fear of it collapsing and ending up in the floor. I can feel my husband move a little but nothing like our old mattress. Plus our German shepherd gets up and down off the bed throughout the night. It used to wake me up every little movement and I hardly feel her or the hubs move. The only way I feel them moving is if I am awake. That is a big plus for me because I can not stand constant movement. I did a lot of research before deciding on Sweet night. I almost did not get it because it was very affordable. I do not regret this purchase as of now.

Teresa, Sherman Texas
Great for older backs!
We are in our late 50s/early 60s with mild back problems. This mattress is perfect! Firm enough to support without hurting our hips when we sleep on our sides. Highly recommend!
Best mattress for the price
I've had a lot of mattresses in my 24 years and this has to be the best one yet. Not to mention that this version is free of fiberglass! Thank you!
Love it
Love our new twilight hybrid mattress...it's just cradles you in comfort. It doesn't seem hot...so the cooling effect is working!...my body aches have diminished greatly. Thanks Sweet ight!

Teri, Lehigh Acres Florida
My perfect mattress

So far, this mattress had the unusual distinction of immediate comfort. As a lighter side-sleeper, I'm most comfortable with a softer memory foam type of mattress, because too much "support" feels like sleeping on a cement floor with only a sleeping bag to me. But this had a week to expand while I was visiting family, and felt phenomenal when I returned. The amount I love sleeping in this bed has me purchasing the accompanying down-alternative pillows just because they asked for a review. This has been amazing for me, and they have a feasible return policy if it's not for you.
Sweetnight Twilight Mattress Coupon UP TO 35% OFF
Sweet Night Code
Enter this coupon code at checkout to save on Sweet Night mattresses and pillows.
Love My King Hybrid!!
I couldn’t be happier with this mattress! Fantastic price and very comfortable. Very fast delivery and very little off gassing once the mattress was opened and had a chance to inflate fully. I’ve historically been a side sleeper, but have been sleeping on my back for the first time in a very long time. My shoulder and back pain are gone. And I think the bed has helped with snoring - I no longer wake up with a sore throat. The dogs and cats won’t tell me if my snoring is better, however. I definitely recommend this mattress to anyone looking for an affordable, super comfortable hybrid mattress. Top marks!
Kristen, Coastal Georgia
Super mattress
This is an outstanding mattress that hits all of the "sweetspots": Soft yet firm; cool; incredibly good motion separation; very economical; delivered quickly; easy setup. I'm an awful sleeper who is bothered by and also bothers anyone in the same bed, and so often sleep alone in the doghouse. My wife and I had to share the Sweetnight Twilight Queen at an AirBnB and were amazed how well we did, both getting full nights' sleep. I didn't even wake up when she got out of bed in the morning, a first. We immediately took down the make and model and ordered it. Now my doghouse has a queen bed in it.
Fred, San Diego, CA
Twilight mattress review-get one you'll be glad
I bought this for our platform bed. Both of us have had aches/pains/movement issues we thought were age related...come to find out it was mattress related. We replaced a traditional mattress with this new hybrid. Boy do we sleep sound now. Literally. The cats LOVE the mattress and will stretch out on it. When we first sat on it and you squish down into it you think--this is not going to work but it does. Your body has support every place. No more stiff neck in the morning. No more hurting hips. Delivered to our house. We opened it and let it fluff out for 3 days then put it on the bed. Best purchase.
Cherie, North Central Florida
So comfy
Fantastic bed, my girlfriend and I are getting some of the best sleep we’ve ever had on it. The shipping was pretty fast as well
Robert, Louisville KY
Uber Mattress
I LOVE this mattress. I’ve purchased everything from sealy posturepedic to a Sleep Number and hands down this mattress kicks their rear in comfort,quality and support. I run about 36 to 45 miles a week and sleep is paramount fir my recovery this mattress truly supports my sleep needs. Sleep Night you know how to make a quality mattress! Thank you!
Mario, San Antonio TX
Best Mattress Ever!
This mattress is the best mattress by far and we've had quite a few during our years of marriage. Not only is it the most comfortable but it's also the least expensive one we've ever bought. We couldn't be happier and would be happy to recommend it if you are looking for a good night sleep. We are both side sleepers and it does not hurt those pressure points on the shoulders & hips. And by the way, I am disabled with many musculoskeletal issues and I can honestly say that I fall asleep & stay asleep faster & better! It was a lifesaver for me.
Twilight 12” King mattress is wonderful.
I have had 5 back surgeries with 4 being major surgeries. I suffer from other structural health issues, so needless to say pain is a constant in my life. When this mattress first arrived I was hesitant that it would help me sleep without so much pain. Now I recommend to friends and family if they have a bad back this is the mattress to buy. I no longer wake up in excruciating pain. It is so nice.
Cheryl, Hagerman New Mexico
Perfect bed
Perfect balance of support and softness. Wake up feeling so good every morning.
Justin, Maryland
Best mattress 2 people. Side and back sleepers
So comfy! Two people sleep in this bed and we mostly sleep on our side, sometimes on our back. The hybrid spring/foam/pillow top has the perfect amount of support and comfort. We dont over heat in it. Have used it for a month now and it doesn’t feel like it’s sinking anywhere. Super comfy and spacious. Also it shipped out so fast!
Regina, L.A. California
Both my significant other and I are side/stomach/back sleepers, so we tend to move a lot. This mattress is comfortable in all sleeping positions and minimizes motion transfer. We have both found ourselves excited to go to bed!
Super comfortable!
Very comfortable, I used to have a spring only bed , and a memory foaming bed . But this one combines both , it’s not too soft! Due to the spring on the bottom , it’s firm on the bottom and the top got those memory foaming thing make me sleep much better sideways. And most important it’s breathable ! Won’t feel hot sweating in summer ! I also like the way it was packed , a single box you opened it up it expanded rapidly! Just leaving it there for few hours and it’s all expanded and I’ve spend a week every night on it. So far no complaint ! Lovely !
Best decision! No more pain!
BEST DECISION EVER. Both my husband and I love our new mattress. It took about a week or so to get used to it but it is entirely perfect. Just the right amount of "bounce" coupled with firmness for support. It's been a couple months now and neither of us wake up in pain any longer. We have two kiddos and plan to get them each a sweetnight mattress when they transition out of their toddler beds.
Affordable! Sleep That Make You Feel Like You Have A New Body!
When the mattress in the box arrived, I was like woah, this thing is heavy. Hardest part is getting on top of your frame if you have one. After unrolling the mattress, it begins to decompress and air up pretty quickly. This is my first time purchasing a mattress in a box so it was amazing to see. Upon feeling the fabric on top the mattress, I knew this was a quality top fabric and so soft and comfy. Ok so now the actual review.The first night of sleeping on the 12 inch hybrid mattress, I woke up with much relief. My back pain was lessened by 50%. It was very comfy and somewhat firm and soft at the same time. I actually slept without any complains. The movement isolator of the mattress springs which you can't even feel allow me to get up without transferring movement to the side of the bed my girlfriend sleeps on. This is a plus as sometimes I get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, so it doesn't wake her. The memory foam is adaptive so it adjusts to your body, letting you sleep in any comfortable position. The second night of sleeping on it I hardly wanted to get up of how comfortable I slept, my lower back pain had been reduced again for the second time a d woke up feeling significantly better from that. I see that The price was fair for a mattress of this caliber. It's worth every penny I paid for and then some. You won't be disappointed. Just make sure you get the size that's right for you and that's it because once you have it, you may not even want to get another mattress for a very long time.
Exceeding my expectation
The mattress is flawless, the only downside (which is minor) is it is somewhat thicker and heavier.
Great mattress for back pain
I really sleep good and wake up with NO back pain every morning. Great support for back and side sleepers.
Great mattress for a fresh start

My wife and I had to switch rooms and the new room was a tad smaller we went down to a full size mattress. I’m always scared to buy online but this has turned out to be wonderful.Because it’s a hybrid the mattress is really good. We love the feel of it and find it to be very comfortable.
Because I didn't know before and bought a mattress on the Internet is 14 inches on my bed rack to make my bed very high not good up, and too soft I am not satisfied, now moved let me decide to change a new, I have chosen this very carefully for a long time to see the past 12 inches will not be too soft, I was a little worried at first I will not buy wrong not satisfied, but after the arrival of the high and soft to meet my requirements, and the design is very beautiful, I am very satisfied.
Great product
This is the best mattress I have slept on so far. It is a hybrid type of mattress where it is a combination of both springs and memory gel foam, which supports my body really well. The 12 inch height is a real thing, I have measured it to be exactly 12 inches after fully expanded. This mattress has improved my every night sleep quality as well as my back pain issues which had bothered me for years.
Never sleep so well!!
My lower back pain had turned into a tightening of the muscles which required me to try and stretch constantly at work. It had also let to shooting pains down my right leg into my foot. After ONE night with this mattress I was feeling better. I don't have those issues anymore and I'm sleeping much better. They also did an excellent job with shipping and had the mattress to my door within days. I have nothing but good things to say and have already recommended it to family and strangers on the internet.
Allison Mary Nurse

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Sweetnight Twilight Mattress Coupon UP TO 35% OFF
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