Sweetnight Coupon & Reviews: Dreamy S1 Mattress (Whisper)

You will learn what real customers have to say about the Sweetnight Dreamy S1 mattress (formerly known as the SweetNight Whisper mattress). This meta-review will give you a direct and unfiltered look at what customers think. You will also find a coupon code to save on your order if you decide to buy. 

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Dreamy S1 Mattress (Whisper) Consumer Reviews

These reviews were written by individuals who described their direct experience with this product.

Like Sleeping on a cloud
"I love this mattress! Feels like your sleeping on a cloud. I love it so much I’m considering purchasing one for my daughter as well.”
Carreon, Houston TX
Nice mattress
"Very comfortable. It's a bit firmer than I'm used to, but I think I needed a firmer mattress for my aging back...
Really easy to set up. Good value."
Mark, Chicago IL
Great price great bed
"In this price range you won’t find a better bed. I would buy this over the nectar if the nectar only cost this much. I’ve had a nectar, a Casper, a purple and this sweetnight and it’s my favorite."
Richy, WI
Great purchase!
“My boyfriend and I love this mattress. We sleep on the firm side and it is great, not too firm.”
Back problems no more!
"Really really good. It took a lil bit of time for my body to get used to, but now it’s so comfy"
Emely, CT
We love this.
"We love this mattress. It is cool, it helps my Husbands back pain and our dogs love it too."
Carol, Mount Pleasant Michigan
Good mattress on a budget
"Good mattress for the price. Medium firmness. Good, responsive customer service."
Comfortable sleep
"It’s the most comfortable sleep I’ve had in a long time."
Ron esca, Utah
Queen sized Whisper mattress
"I brought this mattress a month ago ot can compressed then inflated in three days. I'm a 5"2 140lb female. I used to wake up with shoulder hip and neck pain but not anymore. The mattress never had an odor. I'm loving my goodnight sleep with no pain in the morning...very easy set up!"
Pamela, NJ
Whisper Flippable Double-Sided Gel Memory

"Hands down best bed I've ever owned! I use the firm side out had been nothing short of amazing!"
Steve, Clearwater Florida
You won't regret it for reals
"Comfiest mattress I've ever bought. I was hesitant at first to not go with a brand I've seen more often, but with Sweetnight's competitive price I had to try... SO worth it. Wonderful mattress & great sleep!!!"
Never slept better
"All of my guest rooms had innerspring mattresses and no one was comfortable on them. I replaced them all with the sweetnight whisper mattress and everyone loved them. My son wants one. He said he had never slept better."

Simpsonville SC
Sweet dreams are made of these!
"What a great mattress. I really can’t say enough good things about it. It’s not to firm and it’s not to soft, it’s just right. I’ve tried many different kinds and this is by far the best one yet."
Love it!!
"This mattress is great. We’ve only tried the softer side and it’s nice because I’m a side sleeper."
Tina, Ohio
"Really nice to be able to switch from one side to another"
Suzanne, GA
Feels like heaven
"Very comfortable puts you to sleep right away. And it makes the beds it up higher.
Kimberlin, Portage IN
Sweet Night Whispers mattress
"We love our mattress. It is very comfortable and hugs your body just enough. My husband use to go to the couch every night because of back pain but he has stayed in bed all night every night since we got it. This mattress is definitely a good find for a great price."
Everything we hoped for
"After comparing several brands & models we chose the Whisper Flippable & Double-Sided 12" mattress. We've slept on the "soft" side for a couple weeks, and then we flipped it to the "firm" side. Both sides are extremely comfortable and supportive. I am 5'6" 170 lbs. and my wife is a larger lady around 230 lbs. This mattress is equally supportive & wonderfully comfortable for us both. My wife sleeps hot, and with our old mattress she'd wake up hot & sweaty; not with this mattress! We are extremely pleased with this mattress, and you can't go wrong with the price. Extra bonus: no burnt plasticky smell that usually comes with new mattresses!"
Lo, Portland ME
Love this Mattress!
"I bought this Mattress a little over a month ago and have been so happy with it! I was looking for a firm memory foam mattress that doesn't absorb too much heat as we live in South Florida and it is hot here! I love that I can't feel when my partner moves or wakes up, there is no sinking towards the middle and it allows your body to sink just the right amount in the pressure areas so that you can sleep comfortably all night. I was researching forwver to find just the right mattress at an affordable price and this one is simply the best. I have had another similar product in the past before (a lull bed) which was twice as much and would retain the heat, I am so happy I went with Sweet Night for our bed now!"
Amanda, Miami
Best thing ive bought in a long time.
"Amazing and worth every dollar this mattress is truly worth every dollar as some one wjo suffers from alot of back pain this purchese has made my sleeping great i was able to sleep on it night one and im using a box spring under it i can only imagine how amazing the bes frame would be."
Chris, South Carolina
10 in mattress
"this is the best mattress i have every slept on perfect in everyway fast shipping great response from company i would give company a 10 star"
Gail, Elkton MD
"It’s very comfortable. I’ve had it for about a month and I have no complaints.I’m a side sleeper. It’s firm but not too firm for me."
Laura, New York
Awesome Bed
"I was a little worried about buying a mattress on-line . Did my research and decided on whisper. I’ve had memory foam beds before . This mattress by far is the best I’ve ever owned .Arrived on time and been happy ever since ."
David, Minnesota
Sweetnight Whisper Mattress UP TO 35% OFF
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Great value on a solid mattress
"I am glad i got firm and 10 in. I'm 6'3" and just under 200 pounds. I sleep great on my back and even stomach on occasion. This may be too firm for some side sleepers but i knew that beforehand and it isn't uncomfortably firm. The only small complaint i have is getting some of my queen sheets and bed liners to fit as it feels larger than the dimensions listed. But overall, great nights sleep and the cooling gel effect is awesome when you first lie down on it :)"
Whisper/Gel Foam Memory Mattress
"I love my new mattress. It is comfortable, provides great support and it was a great price. It is the second mattress I have purchased from Sweet Night!"
awesome mattress!
"After searching months for online 'bed in a box'--my main searches were for multiple comfort levels, no fiberglass, even expansion and no odors. The mattress rose to 9 inches upon opening and filled to 10 within 16hrs (but we gave it a good 24 hrs before finally settling in)Will be on the firm(er) side top-side up, but you will 'break' it in some to your idea of the firmness you are expecting. We had a $$ mattress after 5+ yrs that was starting to give us the aches and pains upon wakening, and the first night with this one, woke up pain free! Love the soft cover color!"
Kell, Massachusetts
Super Comfy!
"I love this mattress :-) it's super comfortable. The one thing also that I love about both of my mattress purchases is that the mattresses have no smell. I've heard people complain about other brands having chemical odors and so I'm very happy that Sweet Night is odor free :-)"
Lynne, Southern California
Whisper-10 inch- queen mattress

"Needed a mattress for son’s first apartment and he loves it. Researched the reviews before purchasing and happy with delivery and quality of product."
12inch memory foam mattress
"We love our new mattress it gives you great support. We now sleep through the night and wake refreshed."
Susan, Colorado
Extremely happy
"Extremely happy with this purchase. I'm 145lbs of muscle and my better half is another 280. It supports us very well! Our backs feel much better since making this purchase. Thank you."
I Love my new "Whisper\ Gel Memory Foam Mattress
I bought my new gel memory foam mattress about 2 1\2 months ago and I really love it! Before I got my new mattress I had a very uncomfortable mattress. I woke up with my back and\or my hip hurting every morning because of the mattress. I had a king size pillow top mattress and I only got it because I had some family and a few friends that told me that a pillow top mattress would be best for my back problems (I have a Herniated Disc in my lower back). Needless to say, I did not have the same experience and woke up stiff and hurting. It took me 3 1\2 weeks to get use to the pillow top but I didn't to much care to keep the mattress. So my mom told me about the "Whisper- Gel Memory Foam Mattress" and that it was helping her with a back problems and that she actually slept better. So I went ahead and bought myself one and the next morning I woke up and I had very little back pain. I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud in the sky. Over the 2 1\2 months the bags that use to be under my eyes from being up and down all night long are gone. I no longer wake up in pain and I get a way better night's rest! I feel like a new person thanks to my new mattress❤
Whisper mattress for our Breda Bed
"After getting a Twilight mattress for our bed, I came back to get a mattress for the Breda bed we put in a spare bedroom. It had to be a 10in mattress but I also wanted it to be a good mattress, not feeling like you are sleeping on a spring. I got this Whisper and it is wonderful! It fits the bed frame perfectly and folds into the frame nicely. It is wonderful to sleep on-you would never know it was a fold away bed. Absolutely in love with this one too-I could sleep on it every single night and get a sound sleep and no pains in the morning. Excellent buy"
Cherie, Northcentral FL
Fast Shipping! Nice Thickness!
"We received our order 2 weeks after we ordered it, right when they said we would! We got it out of the box yesterday, and it is almost fully inflated today! We can't wait to sleep on it tonight! We went with the 12 inch king size, and it seems super comfy so far from the little bit I have tested it out! I love that it doesn't need a box spring too!"
Slept like a baby
"It feels so soft, slept like a baby on it. It conforms to the body nicely"
Robert, Wolcott NY
Amazing quality
"It’s an amazing mattress. It arrived quickly and it was beautiful. Super comfortable! Love it!"
Josie, Texas
Great mattress for the price
"For 3 weeks straight I tossed and turned on our spring mattress before pulling the trigger on this mattress. It's a great mattress for the price and no more sleepless nights. I've already recommended it to two friends."
Good good good
"When the box arrived, my neighbors thought I bought a small refrigerator, The mattress has been compressed, air is removed and sealed with plastic. After opening, it took only a few minutes to restore to king size.It can be compressed to such a volume that makes me worry that it will be too soft. After using it for a while, it feels good!It doesn't suck you into a massive you-shaped hole like most foam mattresses seem to do, but cushions in the appropriate spots and actually lets you get out of the bed.I am very satisfied with this mattress. It makes me have a good night's sleep. If you have a friend who wants to change the mattress recently, you can buy this mattress. It is absolutely good!"
Just bought our second one of these...

"This mattress is the best sleep either of us has ever had. Incredibly comfortable. We bought our first one as an upgrade for our travel trailer. We loved it, and then we realized that our travel trailer bed was actually much more comfortable than our bed at home. Not anymore!"
Wonderful mattress
"My wife have been suffering back pain for long time, especially she is pregnant now. I got sweetnight mattress to relief her pain, my friend told me it’s really good at relief pain. I was worry about new mattress has smells, but There is no. We have slept on it for couple weeks, I have to say my friend recommended right thing. It’s really comfortable. We enjoyed it so much."
it relieves my back pain
"We had a pillowtop mattress before this one. It gave me back pain after using it for 6 years. So, we decided to try a memory foam mattress. We have been sleeping on this mattress for almost a month. We tried both side of the mattress, soft and hard. We like the soft side better. It does relieve my back pain. This mattress definitely get the credit for it. By the way, this mattress comes with a 10 year warranty. Love it!"
Awesome Company, Awesome Beds
"I’ve already bought a few mattresses in the past for my family from this seller and I but this one was for a really great friend of mine as a gift for his first and new house he’s super excited about. I’ve had many experiences with my bed of course and know it’s a high quality bed that makes sleep the best. It’s lasted me so long now and hasn’t lost it’s form or sturdiness for lack of better word. He also has slept over once or twice when he was coming here for a visit and have mentioned the beds felt really nice. He was really happy about the gift!"
Most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on
"This is hands down THE best purchase I have ever made! I was a bit skeptical about buying a mattress online, but I am so glad that I did. After reading the reviews, I decided to give this mattress a try. It was so easy to unpack! We just opened it up and left it to expand for a couple of hours. It is firm, but you also sink into it nicely. It is the exact type of mattress my boyfriend and I were looking for! It is seriously the most comfortable mattress either of us has ever slept on. Worth every penny for the best sleep of your life"
Super Comfortable Mattress With Two Comfort Levels
"One of our kids just graduated from college (finally) and moved back into our house. His bed had our old king sized mattress on it, which had a large depression in it from years of use. Our son had slept on a gel pad mattress in his apartment so the Sweetnight gel mattress made sense for us.The mattress comes delivered in a big, sturdy cardboard box weighing about 80 pounds. You may want to have two people handy to move it to the bedroom for setup. The mattress is 10 inches deep, which is deep enough to provide a lot of comfort but not so much as to require special deep pocket sheets. Our standard sheets fit on it without a problem. A nice feature is that because the mattress does not have a pillowtop, it can be flipped to extend its' lifetime. One side is a firm side and the other is softer, so you have options for all sorts of sleepers. There is a zipper that allows removal of the cover for easy cleaning. All the seams and stitching seem to be of good quality. Really happy with this mattress so far. My son has said his sleep has improved greatly with the new mattress. It has also been quite humid, and he has found the gel foam to be quite cool. On a final note he has a lot of allergies and is hyper-sensitive to many things. He has had absolutely no issues with the materials in this mattress."
Best overall firm mattress
"This is the third Sweetnight mattress I have purchased. (The others were sold when I moved). I have tried several big name mattress in a box, and this is the only one that is firm enough for me. I am a 65 years old man, with sciatica, knee and shoulder issues, so it important to be comfortable when I sleep. It is reversible, softer on one side and firm on the other, but I have only used the firm side. I slept like a baby the the first night. Love it and highly recommend."
No longer a skeptic
"I was highly skeptical about trying a mattress I’ve never touched but the price was right and I figured it wouldn’t be a total loss if I didn’t like it.. I absolutely love love love it best nights sleep I’ve gotten in a long time"
Matt, San Francisco
Great deal
"Very comfortable with a great warranty and much more affordable than big name brands of similar quality"
Ryan, Williamsport PA

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