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You will learn what real customers have to say about the SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress (formerly Dreamland mattress) in this meta-review. It will give you a direct and unfiltered look at what they think. You will also find a coupon code to save on your order if you decide to buy. 

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Sweetnight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress Consumer Reviews

These reviews were written by individuals who described their direct experience with this product.

My nights sure are sweet now!!
I’m 34 y.o. and I can happily report that I no longer wake up with back pain. I have it on the medium firm side and it’s comfy, soft, keeps me cool at night, and supportive. I actually look forward to getting back in the bed after a long day.

S. Walker, North Carolina
The best mattress for the value
I bought this mattress a month ago and I am so glad that I did. This mattress is much more affordable compare with other brands but the quality is amazing! It is soft yet firm and it keeps me cool at night. It is everything I want in a mattress, great price, great quality, and keeps me cool at night!
Tracy, Salt Lake City UT
Great mattress
This mattress is great. You cant feel the springs in the mattress at all, from the side or top. It's a little firmer than "medium firm" but not as firm as "firm". I've told everyone about Sweet Night. It's super heavy though so unless you're a body builder you'll probably need at least 2 people to help you get it on a bed frame.
Kaylee, Elizabethton TN
Amazing Customer Service
Great Customer Support Agent who went above and beyond to be flexible.
Incredible Value for the Money!
I bought the 12'' Dreamland for the guest room after buying a Puffy and a Helix for the bedrooms and it made me feel like an idiot for having spent so much money on the other mattresses. It's much more comfortable, supportive, and sturdy, and at a fraction of the price. We ended up moving it to the master bedroom.
Great mattress
Upgraded the mattress in my RV. This 8" mattress is fantastic!
I'm about 190lbs and 5'11", mostly a side sleeper, but I roll around from front to back too. Any way, this has far exceed my expectations.
John, Sunnyvale CA
Excellent mattress and buying experience
This was a great experience buying from Sweet Night. The customer service via email was very nice and my mattress arrived a couple of days before the had predicted. I love my mattress and it was perfect from the first night. The mattress had absolutely no smell and I have chemical sensitivities and so I was very happy about that!
Lynne, Lebec California
Comfortable and Affordable!!!
I bought the Dreamland mattress for my daughter.
She finds it very comfortable and sleeps well. It’s really nice and there was no problem getting it to expand. I’m thinking I might trying the Twilight mattress for myself.
All in all it’s a good mattress, you can’t beat the price and they have so many to choose from.
Sleeping soundly
Most comfortable sleep I’ve had in years. Wish I could take it with me on all my business overnights.
Rachel, Fort Worth
Soo happy with this coming mattress in a hot sleeper this has been amazing love it!!!
Lau, Indiana
Really nice bed for the right price
I bought this mattress about a month ago and it's firm enough for my boyfriend and soft enough for me!
It is just like the picture and I got this for my 3 year old for his bed and I can say for myself that it's great and also he sleeps great.
Great Value
Love this mattress, it’s a very good mattress for the price! Shipping was fast and packaged very well. Purchased for grandchildren’s bunk beds but have slept on several times, it’s very comfortable for me as well.
Gigi, Georgia
Great price and easy setup
We received the mattress on time and without any damages. The firmness is a little more than expected but super comfortable.
Happy a few weeks into sleeping on this
We’ve had this mattress for a few weeks now and are happy with it. It is definitely on the softer/more plush side. Sleeping comfortably.
Ocean Blue 8"
Love this mattress! Firm but not hard. Very comfortable.
Breeze|cooling gel memory foam mattress
This bed is exactly as the website states. We allowed 72 hours before guests slept on it. Our guests slept well and were very comfortable. We don’t use it very often so I can’t speak to every day use and how it holds up but I’m very happy with the mattress. It takes me a long time to make a purchase and I’m happy with this one! I followed the reviews which were very helpful.
Slept good for first time
I bought this for my dad and he likes it on the harder side and he finally had a good night sleep
Robert, Wolcott NY
I Love My First Memory Foam Mattress!
The mattress was delivered quick and it was so easy to set up. This mattress has great support, comfort and an affordable price. Looking forward to many more sweet nights! I highly recommend this mattress.
Charlotte, NC
Terrific purchase ! Easy setup!
Great mattress! Very happy with it and it is so comfortable.
Ocean Blue foam mattress
The mattress is firm yet very comfortable, so far completely satisfied with this purchase.
Daughter’s first big bed
I bought this about a week ago and was pleased with the speedy delivery. Initially purchased as my daughter’s first big bed, I had plans to use it as a guest bed for visiting family. This mattresses is leaps and bounds more comfortable than an air mattress!
Given my child would be using the mattress, it was important to me to find a company that made fiberglass free mattresses (though I am still using a mattress cover to protect child type accidents).
The mattress looks and feels very durable. I look forward to my daughter spending the next 10-15 years on this mattress!
Note - I like my mattress very firm, so this mattress feels soft to me but is probably a medium firmness to most. My husband is napping on it right now with no complaints : )
Austin, TX
Great for kids bunkbeds!
This was a great purchase. We were nervous buying online without trying it out, but we LOVE it! They are comfortable and perfect for the bunk beds. There was a bit of a chemical smell that dissipated after a night of being opened without sheets on. Great buy!
Half the price of retailers and very comfy
We are re-placing our guest bedroom mattress and did not want to spend over 700-1000 dollars on a 8 inch mattress. I logged into Amazon to find something that looked presentable and with good reviews. I decided on this mattress and not only did it arrive safely I was also surprised how heavy it was. When opening the box I appreciated how air tight and vacuum sealed it was, I opened it very careful and let the bed take its proper form for at least 12 hours. The bed itself is very comfortable and firm, not one complaint from me other then I wish I could sleep more on it! We had my grandmother also sleep on it and she was pleased of her overnight stay. I will update this review if needed but so far we are very much pleased that this mattress was half the price of retailers and is just as comfortable as the big name brands. Thank you Amazon and this will definitely be a sweet night.
Sweetnight Dreamland Mattress Coupon UP TO 35% OFF
Sweet Night Code
Enter this coupon code at checkout to save on Sweet Night mattresses and pillows.
Extremely comfortable.
No regrets. This is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned. Don’t waste your money on more expensive ones.
Comfortable mattress
We’ve been looking for a new good quality mattress for our 7 years old son. There are so many options. I’m so glad we chose this one. First of all, the price is reasonable for a good quality mattress. Second, the set up is really easy, just leave it on to frame for a day. Third, it’s so comfortable. We’re considering getting a king size for ourselves.
1st condo 1st mattress. great qualty great price. I love it
I recently bought condo and its my 1st house that I work hard to get it. so I need a great quality with budget mattress to sleep well. I bought a twin sized mattress and it came vacuum packaged in a box, so it was easy to move into my sweet home. Upon opening, it unraveled and was the perfect size. I need firmed but with soft on the top. This mattress is very comfortable and springy. very helpful to support back when laid down. Highly recommend!
Quite satisfactory
I was recommended this one from friend and I LOVE IT! I was honestly skeptical about the price and the bed in the box thing but holy moly this bed is so comfortable and I wish I would have bought it WAY sooner. Also, there was zero to any smell when we first unpacked it from the box so, I don't know if some people got a bad bed but, we have had ZERO ISSUES and are EXTREMELY SATISFIED with this mattress. My mattress was firm , but it still forms to the body. No bad odor and no issues! Whatever the manufacturer is doing over there, please KEEP IT UP!!!!Purchased this and we love it. We are more on the chunky side so if you’re wondering if it holds good to weight, it does. It’s comfortable and supportive. No complaints here. Arrived well packed and as described.Fully expanded for us in a few hours. Not bad at all. And the price is just unbeatable.The mattress conforms to every curve and bend of my body. No more shoulder or lower back discomfort. I am sleeping better and my back pain is now minimal- I have scoliosis. Truly the best bang for your buck!! so worth it. I truly love it. I'm lying on it as I type this review. I've been using this one for two weeks and I sleep very well without waking up in the middle of night due to back pain which I have gone through until I get this mattress.I've never slept better! I'm so happy I bought this... I can't believe the price, it is fabulous!!
Chew B.
What a surprise. This mattress is perfectly integrated with my bedstead. It is very comfortable and soft, of very good quality, and I like it very much.
I recently bought a new house and wanted to buy new furniture as well. The beds came at the same time and in great condition. I was worried it would emit a strange smell but it just smelled new. My first experience sleeping on it was awesome. It was super relaxing and comfortable. It felt like I was being hugged by the bed. It is also a great size and thickness. Highly recommend!
Slept like a Queen!
When I first got the mattress...I was so tempted to sleep on it but it needs time to breathe up, which really one (1) more night on the couch won’t hurt… LOL. OMG!!!! After dressing it up with sheets and pillows.... I just layed down to relax for a second... well I thought it was good that school was over...kids woke me up for breakfast. I felt super charged from that nap.. That night we finally slept on....was a dream. We fell asleep in minutes and had the best sleep ever!!!
Very comfortable Mattress
Bought this Jan 2020 and it was a great investment. Very comfortable and well constructed.
Nice staff
I received the mattress quickly during the coronavirus. Under the feeling of ten days, the mattress is just high in height and moderate in hardness. However, the odor disappears after 2-3 days after opening, and the overall feeling is satisfactory. The height of the mattress is moderate so that it can be directly laid on the ground, and I don't need to buy another bed frame. Children often come to sleep with us at night without worrying about falling and being injured. This is one of my considerations. Softness does not collapse when lying on my 160 pounds. I didn't feel any physical discomfort during my sleep for ten days, so I could always sleep till dawn. Give me enough sleep to greet a good day. Especially my husband and children like this mattress. I feel like this is the right choice.
Great bed for backs!
Well first off, the item arrived within a few days of ordering which is great! It came in a nice box that was not damaged upon arrival. The bed opened up nicely and fast! Some say to let rise for 24-48 hours. I was able to sleep on it that night. I had such a great night’s sleep too! No pain or discomfort at all. I’m a back sleeper and I didnt experience any negative pressure either. I’d say this was a great decision for me and my arthritis ridden body!
Great mattress great price
Bought this mattress a couple of months ago. Very nice quality. Back pain lessened considerably. We let it sit for the 72 hours before using to allow it to retake its shape after being shipped.
Company took care of us
We got this mattress last year. It was Comfortable, easy delivery in a box, and keeps cool at night...We had an issue with their product because we took the mattress cover off. This is part of the mattress. Don’t take it off and it’s perfect!After talking with the company and reviewing their fireproof standards, we found the issue we had could be fixed.They sent us a newer mattress and took care of us well. This company is quick to reply and will make sure you’re taken care of. Our replacement mattress was in our house in less than a week of the incident.
Liked the first one so much we bought a second!
We have this mattress in our mater bedroom. We like this mattress so much we bought this queen size mattress for our guest bedroom.Great mattress on the firmer side, reversible, equally comfortable as a Casper Mattress but much much cheaper!
The mattress of my dreams!
If I could give more than five stars I would! I love this mattress so much!!I wake up completely rested, I sleep through the night, no more tossing and turning.My fibromyalgia pain isn’t bothering me as much anymore!
Love it
This mattress delivered with a nice coverage. It is so soft and comfortable. While I use it, I sleep better and relaxed. I have more energy when I get up every morning
I've never had a mattress as comfortable
I had been looking for a good comfortable mattress for about 3 months before I came across this Sweetnight mattress.I have suffered from back pain for the last 5 years.but I must say this bed is the most comfortable mattress.I have ever slept on alleviating my back pain I get a good night's rest.I've never had a mattress as comfortable and soft as this one it is almost like it hugs you once you lay down on it.I highly recommend this mattress!
Good bed
We have owned this mattress for about six months. Very impressed. Much better then our previous icomfort. Thanks
This mattress is very comfortable. It's very soft. I don't even remember it when I'm lying in bed. It's very good quality. I've recommended it to my friends. Good things are worth sharing.
These beds are so comfortable and sturdy we bought 2!
Good quality
Very comfortable and perfect size. A little bit softer than my old mattress, but generally the quality is good!
W. Chou
Been using this mattress for a month, love it!
I upgraded my bed to a king size and therefore purchased this mattress. Have been using it for a month and I absolutely love it! I hate mattresses that are either too soft or too firm, and this mattress just gives me the perfect amount of support. I opened it and let it sit and unroll for 2 weeks before using it. I sleep on it with my husband, for a total 300 lbs this thing hasn't shown a sign of sagging or sliding as of now. Oh and a huge plus is the packaging - this thing comes in a medium sized box (compared to how big the mattress is), and therefore it's super helpful since I have been renovating my place and moving things around.I will keep using it and report back on how durable this mattress is.
love this bed
got this about a weeek ago. i am in love. for the price you can’t have unrealistic expectations but this bed makes me so happy
Definitely need to buy again
We have been pleasantly surprised by this mattress. We needed something inexpensive temporarily, but this has turned into a long term use mattress! It comes in an air suctioned bag and within a minute of being unrolled it was Queen size and ready for use. It sleeps great! The thing I’m most happy with is that The mattress has made a huge difference with his sleep routine.
Cloris Pan

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Sweetnight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress Coupon

Sweetnight Dreamland Mattress Coupon UP TO 35% OFF
Sweet Night Code
Enter this coupon code at checkout to save on Sweet Night mattresses and pillows.

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