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Need to boost blood platelets naturally? Looking for effective digestive aid? Learn what real customers have to say about Herbal Goodness’ Papaya Leaf Extract in this meta-review. It will give you a direct and unfiltered look at what they think. You will also find a Papaya Leaf Extract coupon link (when available) to save on your order if you decide to buy.

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Herbal Goodness Papaya Leaf Extract Reviews

These reviews were written by individuals who described their direct experience with this product.

This product works as advertised
I am in treatment for Stage IV cancer. The chemo and immunotherapy raised havoc with my immune system and platelets. A friend recommended this product. My blood counts came up to almost normal levels in one month. I am a believer!!
I'm in happy tears as I write this. My platelets have come up from 80,000 to 106,000 in just 2 weeks of taking a sip in the morning and at night. THANK YOU GOD AND THANK YOU HERBAL PAPAYA. I needed this, I was getting scared because my platelets kept dropping every two weeks - I suffer from ITP.
I love the free gift that came with my order. This stuff is Heaven sent. :) :)
This is the real deal....👍🏼
What can I say about this product 😄 amazing Whatever Company came out with this product thank you 🙏🏼 beside helping my platelets Raising about 29,000 ..30,000 a week .. It went down as low as 6 had to have a Platelet transfusion It wasn’t bad bad but I never wanna go through that again ... my joints are feeling great I’m more mobile...I have two herniated disc in my lower back ... I’m so Grateful for this Papay leaf extract... “it is so working for me” I I’ve taken a picture of the bottle I show it off ..talk to people...whoever would listen to me about this papaya leaf extract..I’m telling them I’m sweeping,Im mopping my floor prior couldn’t stand no more than 10 minutes at a time.. I didn’t realize how much arthritis I had in my back until I took this product it took roughly about two weeks until he kicked in ..Don’t be discouraged keep trying take exactly the dosage that it telling you on the label ... This is a 16 ounce bottle unfortunately it’s a little costly I go through a bottle in a week an half ...I need this product especially for my platelets ... keeps me off of those stupid steroids..
Papaya leaf extract is a blessing has keep my platelets normal, had very low count 🙏🥰
Elvira B.
The only brand that works!!!
I was dealing with thrombocytopenia in my 3rd trimester and my midwife suggested this product. She explicitly told me that no other brand works as well. Well, this stuff is incredibly expensive. I used it for one month and saw my platelet levels go up, so I decided to switch to a cheaper brand on here (that also had good reviews) thinking that my platelet levels would at least be maintained. They weren’t! The cheaper brand tanked my levels. I switched back to this right away and was able to have a successful hemorrhage-free homebirth as a result.
It seems to be helping keep the platelets count stable
Atara W.
I love this product . liquid is so tasty sometimes i add it to my hot tea 
i also take the capsules . help with dangerously low platelet
Adeleh H.
I enjoy the papaya extract very much, this is my second time using it. The taste is great. I am using it to boost my platelets. I didn’t check my blood work yet, but I like it.
Christina H.
Love this product, it really works! Wish discounts were available more often.
Inna and Michael Kopitman K.
My platelet level was 12,000.  After taking the papaya leaf exact my platelet level increase to 14,000.  I will see my numbers at my next doctor's appointment.  I like the product and I will continue to use it.  I will let you know what my numbers are after my next doctor's visit.
Renee R.
Papaya leaf extract has increased my platelet count to normal levels.
Ray C.
Has performed for me for years
Have been using papaya juice extract for the last 10 years or so. Has been taking my platelet count at a reasonable level and I have been buying replacement bottles from Amazon Canada. This is less expensive for me as a Canadian and the service has been very good. I’ve had leukaemia for 18 yearsAnd this product has helped me keep off of chemical prescription product. Thank you and please keep the product available.
Patrick McConnell
Papaya leaf extract 
tasted pretty good and helped my platelets from dropping.
Basilio Cancellieri
Papaya extract Helps Platelet
I have had low platelet count and on chemo. This has helped to keep my numbers up
Jon Baker
Good Product
Only been on product 1 week, too soon to see platelet increase results. Spoke with my hemotologist and he encouraged me to continue using this product, no concontractions with my meds. Thumbs up!!!
Martin M.
My wife truly loves the product. And indeed her platelet count increased 10%
Mike R.
This product works !!!
Easy and tasty way to help get the enzymes I'm lacking.
Buying this product to improve my platelet
Taking herbal papaya pills for second month now. Platelet are going up slowly. I think this is actually working
Natalia W.
Completely satisfied
Herbal Papaya extract was recommended by a professional friend. It has definitely met my expectations for boosting my overall platelet results as well as my immune system.
Wonderful people who know their trade extremely well!
Betty H., Lubbock TX
Very happy
Thoroughly pleased with the papaya seeds. Im excited to try out some of their other products.
Jesse T.
Papaya Seed Liquid Extract Gut Cleanse
I started taking the papaya seed liquid extract last month and it has really helped me keep my system clean. I take it in a glass of water and it doesn't effect the taste of the water at all. In fact, you can't tell it is even in there. I can honestly say this product works. If you are looking for something that will keep your gut clean this product will definitely do that.
Jonan A.
Herbal papaya for platelets
After ...may 2015...chose  to Use.natural therapies. Initially platelet count dropped. Research recommended papaya for platelets. Take both the papaya leaf extract and papaya blood gormula.
Playelets currently normal. No CA recurrence
Linda Z.
Amazing products and extraordinary customer service.
Sean M.
Looove this stuff!!!
I take the leaf extract for general well-being. Besides, it tastes great!
 Not too long ago I ordered six so that I wouldn't run out. If I had known I would've saved 10% on a case of 12 I would've done that because this stuff is not inexpensive. I was expecting the customer service to be more accommodating but maybe next time.
Naz S.
I love the product and will be reordering
Deborah W.
Great to Work With
Herbal Papaya has been great to work with so far. We appreciate the consistency in product and customer service. Our POs are processed in a timely manner and we really have had no complaints thus far, keep it up!
Will B.
Papaya Leaf Extract Saved Me
I had very low Platelet count. However I took Papaya Leaf Extract liquid. My platelet count is now normal.
Man W.
6 oz Papaya Leaf Extract
It's so delicious! It tastes like a really light honey. I take anywhere from 1 to 2 tbsps with meals, it really soothes and makes my digestion issues a little easier. I absolutely love it!
Michael S.
Papaya Leaf juice Extract
Thank you so much for the shipping in a very good condition and for the wonderful product. 
Bajram Myrto
Fast shipping and the product is awesome. Thank You.
Tenzin N.
Papaya leaves extract
The product helps me to feel more energy. I also like the tea.
Dorothea K.
After taking the Papaya Leaf Extract capsules for only a few days, I have more energy and my digestion has improved! Love this stuff! I also take a dropper full of the Papaya Seed Extract every night as well. Highest quality supplements! Very satisfied!
Karen S.
Great product
Blood platelets low.  After taking consistent recommend dochaces my platelet level is above normal. Great product.
Harold H.
Papaya leaf extract
I have been using this product for approximately 4 years and it has been helping me to maintain an acceptable platelet level.
My husband love it so much that I even recommended it to a friend . Many thanks.
 Nelly B.
Satisfied Customer
I appreciate the helpfulness I receive when I need to talk to a representative. Lorraine is always friendly and able to assist me. The product is great and helps boost my platelet count. Been a customer for several years and am never disappointed in shipping or promptness. Thank you! 
Patricia Corriell
Papaya Leaf Extract has made a huge difference is my energy level and has helped improve my red cell blood count!
Sharon A.
Within 6 Days my platelets more than Doubled and I was able to proceed with my Chemotherapy.
Im currently receiving Chemotherapy and my platelets dropped to 70,000. For safety reasons my doctor wanted my platelets to be above 100,000. I had 1 week to see if my platelets came up on their own, which they do sometimes. I started taking this right away and only had 6 days before my next blood test. Two times a day for the entire week and my platelets jumped to 160,000. I also have to throw in the fact that I have a prayer team at my church that has been interceding for me as I receive treatment. 100% of my progress is attributed to Jesus and Im grateful the Lord let me find this product to help assist on my journey to my healing.
Helped Raise Platelets Within 2 Days!! 38 Weeks Pregnant!
Can’t believe how fast this works. I currently have gestational thrombocytopenia (low platelets during 3rd trimester of pregnancy) My platelets have been dropping over the last couple months to the point my doctor wanted to induce my labor to avoid them getting extremely low before baby arrives. I started taking this Monday 3 times a day and also drinking fruit smoothies everyday (Kale,spinach,blueberries etc..) Tuesday (1 day after I started taking this) was my appointment to check the count again I got my results yesterday my platelet count jumped from 102,000 to 125,000! In the course of 1 day of taking this magical stuff! Might not have to be induced and can deliver naturally thanks to this stuff! Literally a life saver! It’s worth the money please don’t hesitate! Be consistent and add fruits/veggies to your diet to help boost as well! Don’t expect this to be yummy it’s not, but if it improves your health taking it would be a no brainer! I wash 1 tablespoon down with some water 3 times a day. Please get this product it works guys!
Blood Platelets Went to Normal
Dr. said if my platelets didn't improve, we were going to talk about a blood doctor (:-). Well, just had my annual check-up and guess what? I took 1 tbsp/day in the morning, along with a Blood Builder supplement, and I'm now well within the "Normal" range!! All smiles here!! [And they give 10% of profits to educate African girls; they say they "believe in the environment" and are non-gmo! Planet, people, platelets!! I ordered a second bottle, btw.
Richard Yount

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Herbal Goodness Papaya Leaf Extract Coupon Lowest Price
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Herbal Goodness Papaya Leaf Extract Coupon

Herbal Goodness Papaya Leaf Extract Coupon Lowest Price
Herbal Goodness Deal
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